Monday, March 23, 2009

Chair Remake

Okay, so I live in an apartment and it came with these chairs. I think they are terrible, and I asked my landlord if I could remake them, he said he didn't care what I did with the furniture, so I bought some fabric, invested in a nail gun, and bought black spray paint. Here's the before and after:
I love the french garden toile fabric. My kitchen has spurts of red, black, and cream, so when I was going through my fabric stash, this screamed to me. It makes me dream of simpler times, reading books, Jane Austin, brunch, and picnics.

The main fabric was cut a little short, so with a little extra fabric sewn to the back, it is complete. I actually like this added. It flows nicely with the chair legs.
Not too shabby. Only $10.00 to remake this set of chairs!


  1. You are so talented! WOW! You have a great eye for doing this, I would have thrown it out the window!