Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Topiary Tutorial

A little egg, leaves, grape vine, moss and kazzam a sweet and economical (REALLY CHEAP) Easter topiary!

I first saw an Easter Topiary like this at Freddy's, and I fell in love. I knew I would be able to make it for much, much less than the retail price. So I went next door to the dollar store and looked for goodies that would help me make the topiary. Total cost for this was $5.00. I was so excited when I was done that I decided to do a tutorial. If you have any questions just let me know!

1. Use a sphere of foam and cover it with moss. Joys of Home has a great tutorial here.

2. Stick three wooden long bamboo skewer on the bottom of moss ball. Make sure it is centered. As you can see there is still foam poking through my ball. It okay, you will cover that up with other things.

3. Now before you stick the tree into your floral foam, cover the skewers with green floral tape. I didn't do this and I had to use a new floral foam cube. If it doesn't seem very secure glue it in place with a glue gun.

4. The next few steps use the glue gun a lot. So plug that bad boy in!

5. Glue on your eggs. Now I recommend using the mini eggs for this project. They fit better with the size of the moss ball. These were $1.50 for 24 eggs. I will probably put up a tutorial for making these eggs. Yes I know I'm cheap, but a girls gotta be right now. I place them around randomly and used about 20 eggs. The first time I made the tree I used ten eggs, which turned out badly, so I recommend using at least 20 mini eggs.

6. The next step is optional. I took some branches from outside and spray painted them brown. I then cut the branch into smaller sticks and used it as a filler. I wanted it to be very full and tangle. I then took little green balls and glued them to cut ends to make it look like tree buds on the branch.

7. Then I added some regular old leaves and glued them right onto the tree to make it even more full.

8. This is what I ended up with.

9. The last step is using floral picks and tacking grape vine to the tree top. I first used a hot glue gun, but the grape vine wouldn't stick to the tree. If you don't have floral picks, just use a toothpick and wrap one end with some wire, leaving a tail of wire to wrap around your grape vine.

9. Wrap the wire around the end of the vine securely, and push it into the tree top. I like to place it in the bottom. I had to push this pretty hard, but don't worry your sticks shouldn't break.

10. Here is a pic of me pushing it through the tree top. I did this several times, for a full effect.

Viola! A way fun inexpensive Easter Topiary!

f you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 27, 2009

One of My New Favorite Things...

I have had this little sewing table for a while and, now that I have my wild hair for spray painting, I decided to finnally redo it. I love to sew, but this table doesn't fit either of my machines. I love the repeating squares on the front and it is just the right hieght for storage. It had a lot of wear on the top so I first had to sand it. This is my little boy helping.

I ended up taking the whole thing apart because I wanted to redo the hard wear. I was going to paint it all black, but then I thought I should try chrome paint.

It was a bit too shiny, so I wiped some of the paint off the front of the harware. It helped some, but once it dried I used some fine sand paper to take some more off and let the natural shine come through.

Here it is after three bottles of spray paint, and some sealer. I put it all back together and am very pleased with the result.

My husband loves blankets, so now we have some storage to keep them in the living room. The suitcases were another great thrift store find for $2.50 each. They also have blankets in them. I know, I know, but it gets cold in a dreary basement apartment, and I have no windows to help me keep warm. We use blankets to make up for it!

There's the sweet little birdie taking the spotlight again! I decided the pretty new table was perfect for the pretty little birdie.

I am really happy with the way the hardware turned out. I was worried that the chrome would look way too fake, but with a little sanding they match perfectly. Now I don't think the hinges would work too well with chrome paint. I guess the originals will have to do for now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Four Dollars

Can I just say four dollars! Four dollars to a great keepsake. Four dollars to decorating. Four dollars to fun storage and displaying. Four dollars spent the thrift store! Isn't it fun and out of the box. I have been wanting a fun birdcage, but when I found this I saw potential. I'm sure you can guess what it is meant to be used for, but I think it works better used as this:

This little birdie I found at Freddy's (Fred Meyer), and I couldn't just pass him up. He is so sweet and endearing. He was also four dollars, but he was worth every penny!

I love the ornamental details this piece has. It was originally off white with brown smudges all over it, but I thought why not give it a face lift with classic black. Since then it has stolen the spotlight of the kitchen.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Find!

I was thrift store shopping the other day and I found this sweet little bunny for .75 cents.
I knew that I could make her look like these with just a few coats of paint.

Pottery Barn
Watch the transition!

Isn't she fun! I think it was a fantastic face lift! All thanks to 1.99 spray paint, and I only used a fraction of the paint! Hopefully I can find another similar one so she can have a buddy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chair Remake

Okay, so I live in an apartment and it came with these chairs. I think they are terrible, and I asked my landlord if I could remake them, he said he didn't care what I did with the furniture, so I bought some fabric, invested in a nail gun, and bought black spray paint. Here's the before and after:
I love the french garden toile fabric. My kitchen has spurts of red, black, and cream, so when I was going through my fabric stash, this screamed to me. It makes me dream of simpler times, reading books, Jane Austin, brunch, and picnics.

The main fabric was cut a little short, so with a little extra fabric sewn to the back, it is complete. I actually like this added. It flows nicely with the chair legs.
Not too shabby. Only $10.00 to remake this set of chairs!