Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lilacs and Updates

The lilacs are blooming and it just so happens that purple is my favorite color. This space needed an update with flowers, so a little pruning on the lilac bushes and...

A splash of color! Doesn't the space just look brighter? Now my home smells of a garden! Don't you just love my microwave in the corner? Just keepin' it real!
I love this space and it is so fun to change it up. I'll be sad when I have to throw these out, but the orange mini-rosebush is beginning to bud and orange will also be a great color for the space. Nothing beats a free update and bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

I wish I could send you the fragrance of a lilac bush! Summer is now just around the corner. I just love this time of year because it isn't too hot and we don't have frost every morning. I hope you all now want to get out there and do something outside!


  1. So nice! The lilacs are in bloom here as well. I love the purple lilacs with the black and white setting. Such a pretty combination of color! That plate rack is gorgeous.

  2. Ahh and my friend, fake flowers (nice ones) add a great permanent splash of color in the winter! Haha as for the smell, well, you can't beat the smell of a lilac bush!

  3. Beautiful!! Purple is my favourite colour too, and I LOVE lilacs -- both the colours and the wonderful scent :-)

    The purple lilacs, dark cabinet, and white dishes look fantastic together. You did a great job of perking up that space :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. My favorite flower... the auroma...YUM~


  5. Wow! What a difference a few flowers make.
    Beautiful photos.