Friday, June 12, 2009

Another outdoor chair remake!

Went to the thrift store yesterday and low and behold I found a set of outdoor chairs. They are really grungy and I could see people throwing these out to the dump, hence the price tag:

I'm so glad I found them. They are well made, without any of the feet missing, and they are very sturdy. They have been used as painting chairs I suspect, but I could see their potential, and for only one dollar, I could not just pass them by. I got four chairs for only four dollars.

And I'm thinking they will go nicely with this sitting area after I remake them. As soon as I am finished with the transformation I will post the after pictures. In the meantime check out Joys of Home's apartment transformation here. It is fantastic! Also join the party, it's going to be fun! Just click on the icon at the top of my blog and it will take you right to the junk party makeover.

Oh I am so giddy!


  1. I bet they will be awesome! Great deal too! :-)

  2. Great bargain find, it is amazing what a creative mind can turn up and repurpose. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  3. HI! I did a post on the tadpoles which goes into the details. Great deal on the chairs!