Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flower Clip Tutorial

Have you noticed these cuties for little girls? I figured out how to make them for about a quarter. That's right 25 cents. Pretty incredible I know!!! Forget making ribbon bows they take much longer and these turn out so much cutier.

You will need the following:

Flowers- I've found them at the dollar store, but this week they are even cheaper at Michaels. I got these bunches for 79 cents a piece this week!

Hair clips-Get them from a beauty store. I bought this 100 pack for 5 bucks!

Jewels--Michaels has a good selection, plus use the 40% off coupon for an even better deal.

HOT glue gun-this thing always burns me, but the other type won't stick the flower to the clip.

Now for the steps:

1. Pick apart a few flowers you think will go well together.

Keep the "bud" because now you are going to layer the petals back on the bud.I'll show you...

Use smaller petals first.
Add more layers...
and more...
and more..
untill you like the fullness.
Now sandwich the bud together. The front and back.

Like this...
Now carefully glue the jewel in the middle. Have an ice cube ready to relieve any dang burns!

Almost done!
Now use a little felt to glue the flower to the top of the clip.

I like to put some ribbon around the bottom of the clip to it's safe on baby's head.

Last enjoy all you creations. One you get it down you can make one in about 5 minutes. I'm due with a girl in about a week, and I can't wait to get these cuties on her!

The ribbon ones were fun, but took a lot longer and I don't think they look quite as good.

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